Audit and consulting
1) Identifying : bringing to the fore the core of your problem and clarifying where and how to act
  • Quickly clarifying the specific causes that triggered your problems and identifying the hidden factors that are blocking efficiency or change.
  • Selecting the most accurate levers which will increase competitiveness and internal efficiency.
  • Discussing customized recommendations with your Management Team and designing a relevant improvement plan

2) Focusing : choosing targeted actions and preparing effective implementation

  • Choosing the means which will be employed to implement the changes you expect.
  • Creating an acceptance strategy based on powerful messages that Managers will communicate in order to get quick buy-in and to secure execution.
  • Organizing a scaled evolution of processes, practices and behaviors to facilitate implementation in the field

3) Implementing : installing the processes and the tools which will materialize your vision

  • Implementing the processes, practices and tools which your people will use to achieve the improvements that you counted on.
  • Conducting a buy-in plan and updating it until implementation is completed.
  • Monitoring progress and fine-tuning top-down communication.
  • Controlling the momentum.

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