Executive coaching
This service consists of providing individual coaching to CEOs, VPs and Directors who encounter issues in the areas of:
  • Developing leadership in turbulent times
  • First position as an Executive
  • Building of a reputation of a leader
  • Rallying networks of opponents on the occasion of change projects
  • Developing the subsidiary’s strong reputation at the Headquarters level
  • Changing for a new challenging position
  • Preparing for the next step of career

A coaching session is a time for an Executive to step back and search for appropriate decisions. As an Executive, you will develop your strategic thinking capabilities by completing a political analysis of the situation, by uncovering hidden factors and issues. You will rearrange priorities and gain a new perspective about how to clear your path to success. You will identify risk factors and success levers that you had left aside and you will acquire a broader range of choices and solutions. You will make decision with a clear perspective about all potential consequences from a buy-in and will to execute perspective as well as about your reputation as a leader. You will design a consistent plan aiming to maximize payback from your efforts and to achieve your business goals . You get honest and independent feed-back about what you intend to do and about how you will communicate to engage people and secure their lasting commitment.
Benefits of these individual coaching services are:
  • Increased leadership
  • Better focus on what is important to do in respect of career plans
  • Political and networking aspects of situations are fully taken in account
  • Deeper understanding of oneself
  • Faster and more appropriate decisions
  • Improvement of reputation and visibility management skills
  • Improvement of communication strategy skills

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