Intensive courses which challenge your habits and regenerate both your enthusiasm and your efficiency.
“ I provide methods and tools that change what people do, rather than simply changing the tools they use to perform their usual tasks ”
International Consultant,
Founder and President of Corvalis

Intensive and productive, all Corvalis’ workshops provide processes, methods and tools which attendees apply immediately to their own real-life cases. They ensure a maximized return on investment for both attendees and their company:
  • Participants acquire new keys for understanding that open new doors and increase their efficiency
  • They enjoy an enriching experience in teams fully connected to their every day issues
  • They benefit from Bernard Schillesí customized advice for solving their specific issues
All Corvalisí workshops have been designed by Bernard Schilles
and can be delivered in English or in Parisian French
Four workshops to lead large organizations to decide in your favor
and to become their preferred supplier

None of the four workshops below addresses sales meetings or negotiation techniques. They provide strategies and Business Intelligence tools directly applicable in the field. They will dramatically change your standpoint about large account sales issues and about your approach to gaining more efficiency

  • « Managing A Sales Force Competing To Win Large Contracts »
  • « Winning Critical Contracts »
  • « Generating Large Deals And Cracking Target Accounts »
  • « Strategic Account Planning And Management »
Four workshops to develop highly efficient team leaders capable of
involving people into change rapidly

The workshops below employ: The team efficiency and team leadership TMS model (C. Margerison, D. Mc Cann) - Emotional Intelligence At Work (R. Boyatzis, D. Goleman) - NLP (R. Bandler, J. Grinder) - Transactional Analysis
(E. Berne) - Non-Violent Communication (M. Rosenberg)
  • « Team Building For High Performance Executive Teams »
  • « Leading Change Buy-In And The Execution Of New Plans »
  • « Strategies For Winning Over Internal Resources »
  • « Leading Productive Focused Creative And Committed Teams »
Your in-company advanced workshop

At your request, Corvalis can design an advanced workshop addressing your specific context, objectives and issues

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