Executive coaching
Within over Corvalis’ 40 large corporation clients, dozens of CEOs, VPs and Directors have overcome challenges such as:

  • Developing leadership in turbulent times (mergers, acquisitions, poor financial figures, …)

  • First position as a CEO (previous position as VP Sales, CFO, …)

  • Building of a reputation of a leader on the occasion of taking the position of a very charismatic predecessor

  • Rallying networks of opponents on the occasion of a company model shifting from “box moving” to “offering solutions”

  • Developing the subsidiary’s strong reputation at the Headquarters level by developing a network influence strategy

  • Changing for a new challenging position with a mission to shift revenue / profitability figures from poor to great

  • Preparing for the next step of career by reviewing all opportunities linking them and to the personal profile

Discover the benefits brought by Corvalis’ Executive coaching services

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