Our Top Management Team is now considered as the strongest and most efficient among all the Group’s subsidiaries in Europe
Henry V., CEO, IT Service European Group
“ All the solutions that I bring to my clients are founded on their specific business, issues and objectives. Internal buy-in remains my priority concern, execution is my permanent trait ”
International Consultant,
Founder and President of Corvalis

Since 1995, in North America and in Europe, Bernard Schilles has developed a strong reputation by helping over 40 world leaders in the sectors of technology, energy end engineering on the occasion of assignments performed in Paris, Berlin, Vancouver, Papeete, Madrid, Zurich, Munich, Boston, London, Calgary, Hamburg, Milan, Veracruz, Noumea, Brussels, …
Executive leadership
  • Improvement of a Top Management Team cohesiveness and efficiency on the occasion of a merge
  • Coaching of a Top Management Team willing to involve their employees into a change of organization
  • Coaching of a Top Management Team willing to accelerate increase of revenue and profitability
  • Coaching of a Top Management Team willing to restore their employees confidence and motivation
  • Preparation of Managers for developing convincing and engaging speeches on the occasion of a kick off meeting
  • Audit of how directions are cascaded from the Top Management to the field level
  • Dissemination of the company’s new market strategy by the management chain
  • Coaching of a Country Manager preparing for taking a position of Region Manager
  • Coaching of a VP on the occasion of taking a position of a CEO
  • Coaching of a BU Manager willing to strengthen his leadership over his new Management Team
Team cohesiveness and commitment
  • Improvement of Managers’ communication strategy to get faster people’s buy-in for a change of organization
  • Implementation of collaborative leadership practices for all the Managers of a BU
  • Improvement of employees’ satisfaction for their Managers
  • Development of a project team cohesiveness and efficiency
  • Breaking silos between departments in order to bring more value to customers
  • Improvement of collaboration between employees on the occasion of the merge of two departments
Key account revenue generation
  • Audit of the company’s key account sales process efficiency
  • Implementation of a strategic sales process aiming to win large profitable contracts
  • Audit of the current sales funnel in order to increase sales forecasts reliability
  • Implementation of strategic account management process and tools
  • Audit of key account team management practices
  • Optimization of Top Management role in sales to strategic accounts
  • Implementation of specific management practices required to manage a strategic account sales force
  • Design and execution of a key account sales strategy
  • Mentoring a team willing to win a current large sales opportunity
  • Mentoring an Account Manager willing to accelerate revenue generation from a target account
  • Improvement of reliability and use of account management tools
  • Design of a specific action plan aiming to accelerate generation of new large deals
  • Audit of the use of key account management tools in the field

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