Management Team Coaching
This service consists of coaching existing or newly appointed Top Management Teams willing to increase cohesiveness and efficiency and to overcome issues such as:
  • Pending changes requiring strong internal buy-in
  • Lack of inter-department collaboration
  • Employee low motivation
  • Weak execution of the company strategy
  • Urgent revenue generation issues
  • Will to conquer new market shares
  • Preparation of a critical kick off meeting

Any Top Management Team benefits from customized coaching services.

Benefits from these team coaching services are:
  • A shift to a new level of efficiency for the Management Team: better shared vision and higher level of commitment to achieve the company’s goals, improvement of the Team capacity to bring relevant and lasting solutions to new forms of challenges and issues, higher level of execution of new plans thanks to a better management of people’s buy-in, improvement of mutual esteem between the Team members and better conviviality - efficiency balance

  • A higher competitiveness: customers’ expectations are taken in account better, better responsiveness to competitors’ attacks, better cooperation between departments to win large deals and get the most from your strategic accounts

  • A higher level of employees’ buy-in for change: anticipation of traps and more accurate control, faster adoption, implementation of new practices and new processes better facilitated by the front-line Managers

  • Less silos and a better collaboration between departments: an identical model of team efficiency is shared by the members of the Top Management Team, increase of collaborative work practices, higher value brought to customers

  • A better execution of Top Management decisions down to the field: anticipation of traps and more accurate control, faster execution, higher involvement of front-line Managers

  • An increase of employee satisfaction: higher trust in the Management Team, higher feeling of recognition, higher commitment to the company strategy, higher commitment to the company’s goals

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